Our Approach at Young Set Club

At Young Set Club, each day is an opportunity for creativity, friendship, leadership and fun! YSC provides a highly organized curriculum and culture of enabling campers the ability to modify components of the curriculum to best serve their interests. Young Set Club is all about Choice & Voice! 

From archery to tinkering, we believe there are many ways to explore new things. Our daily schedule is customized for campers to experience fun and engaging camp activities three different ways throughout the day: camper choice, curriculum-based skill building, and camper led activities. 

Camper Choice activities provide time for campers to choose from available interest areas during times like free flow and open rec.   

Curriculum-based skill building activities follow weekly topics or ongoing projects and are designed for campers to engage hands-on with materials, experience new ideas and concepts, and collaborate with other campers. 

Camper-led activities provide opportunities for campers to take ownership of camp based on their interests.  Our staff support campers to create their own activities and develop young leadership. 

Core Activities & Camp Elements

The Young Set Club camp program features core activities and elements at all locations. 

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FIT & FUN |  Field Activities, Hiking, Outdoor Sports
At Young Set Club getting outside and active is a part of every day. 

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GOOD VIBES | Social Emotional Learning
Campers develop social emotional skills through teamwork, leadership, showing appreciation for one another, and exploring new ideas.

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HANDS-ON  |  Making, Art, Design, Cooking, Tech
Campers have opportunities to bring their imagination to life through arts, designing, and making. 

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MEMORIES  |  Friends, Experiences, Community
Reconnecting with friends of summers past or forming new bonds is a classic part of our culture. 

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4C’s | Creativity, Communication, Collaboration & Critical Thinking
Campers use 21st Century Learning skills like Creativity, Communication, Collaboration & Critical Thinking through a variety of “campy” challenges and activities

Custom Activities & Elements

We also feature customized activities based on each Young Set Club location. Check the location page sample schedule to see the custom activities that are available.

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SHOOT & SCORE  |  Gymnasium, Indoor Sports
Campers can test their skills and learn new ones all summer long. 

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Environmental Education, Food Sustainability

Campers will have opportunities to deepen their understanding of the natural world.

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MAKE A SPLASH  |   Aquatics
Nothing says summer like time at the pool. Campers cool off and enjoy water play on site. 

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TAKE AIM  |  Archery
A classic Young Set Club tradition and camper favorite. Campers learn for the first time or hone their skills. 

Components of the Camp Day

  • Before we officially kick off the camp day, Young Setters are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities based on their interests. PreCamp activities vary day to day to include outside and inside games, Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE), arts and crafts, or something unique and original.

  • All Young Setters meet in the kickoff area to start our day with spirit songs, games, chants, and daily announcements. Camp Kickoff is an opportunity for everyone to get energized for the day.

  • Each day Young Setters engage in age appropriate activities facilitated by our camp leaders. Young Setters rotate through a mixed variety of movement, messy, making activities that are based on the camp topic of the week. These activities provide opportunities for communication, collaboration, and experiential learning.

  • Young Setters are placed into unit groups by age/grade for the week. While in their unit group, campers have the opportunity to work on projects of the group’s choice, such as creating a cooking challenge or carnival games. Fun team building activities and “get to know you” games are played throughout the summer to help Young Setters in unit groups become friends and feel a part of the group.

  • Every day our camp staff talk with campers about their interests and ways to explore new things to get ideas on different activities to lead during camper choice.  During this time, campers have the opportunity to choose which activities they want to participate in alongside others who share their interests.

  • This is a time for campers to have open recreation with their camp friends. Activities are unstructured and camper-driven.

  • Campers from all age groups are brought together to play a large-scale camp game that fits the weekly theme. To change things up, campers are put into new groups that are different from their designated unit group as an opportunity for collaboration and teamwork between all age groups.

  • Our daily wrap up is an important part of each camp day because it provides an opportunity for campers to share their thoughts on the day’s events. Camp staff can use the information learned during the daily wrap up to gage camper interest and the group dynamic.

  • Just because the core of the camp day has wrapped up, it doesn’t mean our campers don’t stay engaged and enjoying the quieter part of the camp day.  We keep specific interest areas open for campers to choose such as continued work on project based learning, open rec, Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE), Pi Explorers, and Summer Learning activities (reading, journaling, reflections).