Our Approach at Young Set Club

At Young Set Club, each day is an opportunity for creativity, friendship, leadership and fun! 

From arts to tinkering, we believe there are many ways to explore new things. This summer, we will be modifying many of our traditional activities to integrate more intensive health and safety protocols in response to Covid-19.    

Curriculum-based skill building activities follow weekly topics or ongoing projects and are designed for campers to engage hands-on with materials, experience new ideas and concepts, and collaborate with other campers. 

Camper-led activities provide opportunities for campers to take ownership of camp based on their interests.  Our staff support campers to create their own activities and develop young leadership. 

Core Activities & Camp Elements

The Young Set Club camp program features core activities and elements at all locations. 

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FIT & FUN |  Field Activities, Hiking, Outdoor Sports
At Young Set Club getting outside and active is a part of every day. 

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GOOD VIBES | Social Emotional Learning
Campers develop social emotional skills through teamwork, leadership, showing appreciation for one another, and exploring new ideas.

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HANDS-ON  |  Making, Art, Design, Cooking, Tech
Campers have opportunities to bring their imagination to life through arts, designing, and making. 

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MEMORIES  |  Friends, Experiences, Community
Reconnecting with friends of summers past or forming new bonds is a classic part of our culture. 

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4C’s | Creativity, Communication, Collaboration & Critical Thinking
Campers use 21st Century Learning skills like Creativity, Communication, Collaboration & Critical Thinking through a variety of “campy” challenges and activities

Components of the Camp Day