Young Set for Camp. Young Set for Life.

For over 30 years, Young Set Club has provided a hands-on experience where campers choose from a variety of activities, have opportunity to progressively build skills, and gain a sense of belonging. Our camp leaders build a culture that encourages everyone to help each other become more creative and thrive in a fun and supportive camp environment.

“Young set club was a great experience for me growing up. Many of the friends I made at YSC are still my best friends today. It gave me the opportunity to grow socially, make friends, and gave me the tools I needed to succeed as a leader. I got to engage in a variety of great activities, in a safe environment with a wonderful staff that I can only speak highly of.”  —Nick  (Young Setter for life)


Variety is the spice of life! Young Set Club thrives on a combination of indoor and outdoor experiences.  Campers get involved with a variety of  activities on a daily basis to keep them active and engaged. Whether a camper comes for a week or the entire summer, their experience will be quilted from a cornucopia of choices.

Growth and potential is what we recognize in all of our campers at Young Set Club. Each camper has something special and vital to contribute to the camp community. We provide opportunities for leadership to help our campers develop greater self confidence and team building skills.

Backed by professionals, the Young Set Club summer camp has its program grounded with Continuing Development Inc—California’s premier child development experts for more than 40 years. Young Set Club staff receive annual training in CPR/First Aid, quality program planning, positive interactions, and developing a campy culture. 

“Some of my greatest memories and best friendships came from Young Set Club! Summer was always the best time of the year for me because it meant summer camp at YSC. Whether it was swimming in the pool everyday, activities with my group or even making pottery, I was always having a blast. I even learned to swim over summer at Young Set CLub thanks to my swim teacher Scott! The counselors became my big brothers and sisters, I looked up to them and they watched out for me. Since I was a very shy girl, summer camp helped me become much more social and I made some best friends there. Years later when I needed my first job I thought of how much fun Young Set CLub was as a camper and how much fun it would be as a Counselor. I have been a counselor at Young Set Club for six years now, and these camper/counselor memories will stay with me for life.” Brenna

Covid-19 Updates

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