Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Program

  • Our curriculum is designed to establish a learning environment that is safe and supportive, where healthy risk taking is encouraged, and where campers feel free to contribute their ideas. Our daily activities serve as a starting point for campers to explore their ideas on weekly topics. Some activities may only last 1 hour, some may expand the entire week, and all of our activities are geared toward developing positive relationships and giving campers the assets they need to be successful in life. 

  • The Young Set Club camp day is built from our essential elements and customized based on the local community.  We make adjustments gradually based on assessing and observing the needs of our campers, while recognizing the importance of consistent routines for camper comfort.  See the About Us page for more about our camp elements and individual location pages for custom samples.

  • Yes you can. The program runs during the times listed for a specific location, and your camper can be dropped off and picked up anywhere within those hours.  We recommend having your child at camp by “kick off” time each day to get energized for daily activities.

  • We welcome all children entering Kindergarten (at least 4 years of age by first day of camp) through 8th grade as campers at Young Set Club.  We do require that campers are fully potty-trained and able to handle basic self-care.  We welcome a conversation before registering to see if the day camp experience is right for your younger camper.  Typically we recommend starting with part-time (2 or 3 days per week) and shorter time frames at camp each day for younger campers until they get acclimated to camp life.  Campers who are transitioning into Kindergarten with no prior preschool or routine group settings may find the boisterous energy of camp more intimidating, and waiting another  year for school experiences may be best. We can’t wait to have your camper join us when they are ready!

Meals & Snacks

  • The Young Set Club schedule includes 1 regular lunch break and 2 regular snack sessions (one in morning, and one in afternoon) each day.   

    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to pack a nutritious lunch and 2 snacks each day for their camper. Please note that campers generally do not have access to refrigeration or microwaves, so food should not require cool storage or heating for deliciousness.  

    Young Set Club is a nut-free camp program. Please DO NOT give your child any nut products for lunch and snacks.  If a nut product is brought to camp, it won’t be thrown away, however it will be sent home with a note.  

  • Young Set Club is a nut-free camp program. Please DO NOT give your child any nut products for lunch and snacks.  If a nut product is brought to camp, it won’t be thrown away, however it will be sent home with a note.  

  • All campers are highly encouraged to bring a reusable plastic water bottle and drink plenty of water throughout the day.  We discourage expensive bottles as they tend to get lost or left behind like little hidden treasures throughout the camp.  Drinking fountains are also available.


  • Families receive a discount on weekly camp fees for the 2nd camper and each additional camper for siblings attending the same week(s).  The discount will be automatically applied during the checkout step with online registration.

    Siblings must be enrolled concurrently and discounts are applied to the child(ren) with the lowest rates. 

    Family discounts cannot be combined with other discounts.

  • Young Set Club has a 1-day drop-in option available to our campers who are already enrolled in at least 1 week of the current summer camp season. We know summer plans can change, and sometimes our loyal families need that extra day or a random day in the summer. To add a last minute drop in, inquire with staff onsite about space or email us at

    We generally recommend registering for at least 2 days of camp depending on a child’s comfort with day camps. The program is designed to benefit multi-day experiences during one or more weeks of the summer.  

  • Young Set Club uses online automatic billing through Active Network Camp & Class Manager.  When you register your campers online, you will have options to pay in full at checkout, or pay a deposit and setup an automatic billing to your payment card based on the installment plans available.

  • We sure do! We just love it when our families want to share Young Set Club with new friends, and we show our gratitude.  

    Get a $25 credit off your family’s tuition when you refer a new family to Young Set Club who registers and attends at least 2 weeks of camp.  Email us at with the family and camper names you referred. We’ll confirm their registration meets the rewards program and credit your tuition shortly after!

  • One of our goals is to create positive lasting memories where our families choose Young Set for Camp, Young Set for Life.  We love it when families put Young Set at the core of their summer plans, of course, but we also know things can change between early bird registration windows and the start of summer.  Sometimes you just won’t know about the two-weeks in July family vacation to the Grand Canyon until mid-June! 

    We ask for two weeks notice of cancellation prior to the start of a camp week to qualify for a refund (if already paid in full) or cancellation of balance due. We retain only the $10 per camper per week non-refundable registration fee (included in tuition pricing), which helps offset some of our administrative costs related to each registration.  

    Cancelling a camp week can be done by emailing us at 

    What if less than two weeks?  We believe two weeks notice is a very flexible policy, however we also know circumstances may arise suddenly with less than two weeks notice.  If a sudden hardship or difficult time for your family occurs, let us know.  



  • Young Set Club uses Active Network Camp and Class Manager software for online registration.  Click on the “Register Now” button on the specific location webpage to access the online registration system. 

    Once in the desired location Active Network registration page, select the camp weeks and options for your child(ren) and continue to registration.

    If you are a first time family, you will be asked to create a family account for Young Set Club through Active Network.

    If you are a returning family, you can input the email you first created an account with and password to save some time on information. Please be sure to update your address and basic information if anything has changed since the last summer.

    Complete the registration form for each camper, desired schedules, and standard authorization forms before moving on to check out.

    During check out, complete the deposit and payment options in to finalize your registration.

    Need help?  Contact us at or call the support # listed on the Active online registration pages.

  • If you’re a returning Young Set Club member since 2016, you can login with the email and password you used last year to save some time on information. Please be sure to update your address and basic information if anything has changed since the last summer.

  • After you successfully complete online checkout and deposit payments required, you should receive two confirmation emails. One email is a receipt from Active Network, confirming the financial transaction.  The second email will be a Welcome/Confirmation Email from  Please check your spam, junk or promo folders, as we find many web-mail services flag this initial email as junk.

  • The Welcome Email provides a useful record of the weeks you’ve completed for each child.  The email provides links to your online family profile where various account management options are available. 

    You’ll notice links on the Welcome Email for “Supplemental Forms”. A majority of these forms are required and must be completed online prior to the start of camp.  There are some forms that only apply if your child has a specific need, such as bringing medication to camp or medical authorization for devices (i.e. epi-pens) to be on site at camp.  These forms are time sensitive and need immediate attention if it applies to your child(ren). 

    Need any help with forms? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or the location phone number under Contact Us

  • You can add additional camp weeks for your campers anytime by logging into your family account (see link in Welcome Email) and registering for more programs. 

    If you need to cancel or rearrange days or weekly sessions, please email us at to process any adjustments.

Health & Safety

  • Campers should wear comfortable clothes that can get a little camp dirt on ’em. We suggest campers bring a change of clothes, in a backpack or sack, just in case they get a little too messy.

    Campers must wear closed-toed shoes that secure around the heal. Backless sandals/slippers are only allowed during water activities. Campers are highly encouraged to bring a hat and sunglasses, and  come to camp with a first coat of sunscreen already applied. 

  • We do provide sunscreen for campers to apply throughout the day as well if you have completed a Sunscreen and Care Product Authorization form. Regardless of the sunscreen we have on site, please put sunscreen on your camper before coming to camp.  Campers may also bring their own sunscreen, which should be labeled and left in their backpack and not shared with other campers.  Please let our camp leaders know that the sunscreen is in the backpack. 

Staff Qualifications

  • All of our camp leaders complete livescan criminal background checks as well as undergo multiple interviews to determine fit for the esteemed role of camp staff.

  • We hire fun, diverse, and creative kid-magnets who understand the importance of physical and emotional safety for campers. Our camp teams come from multiple experiences such as day camp professionals, school teachers, college students, child care workers, and all kinds of other interesting lives.

    Our camp staff for Young Set Club go through multiple workshops to be the best camp team in the world! (Okay, we can’t actually claim the world by fact, but we will try).   Camp workshops and certifications include:

    YSC Camp Culture & Leadership Workshops

    CPR/First Aid certification

    Supervision, Mandated Reporter & Personal Rights of Children training

    Summer Safety training (heat and outdoor exposure)

    In addition, we have designated staff certified in 

    Medication Administration training

    USA Archery Level I Instructor (if location has archery)

    Lifeguarding & Water Safety (if location has aquatics)

    Food safety handling