Can't Wait for Summer?

Can't Wait for Summer?

We can’t wait for another summer of fun at Young Set Club. We are hard at work planning an incredible experience for summer 2019. Contact us any time with suggestions, questions, and more at 916.524.5595 or center50700@cdicdc.org.

Registration starts January 2019!

Ages: We welcome all children entering kindergarten through middle school.
Hours: 7:30am – 6:00pm, Monday through Friday (summer only)
Located at Golden Hills School, 1060 Suncast Lane, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Camp will re-open on June 3, 2019!

We know summer schedules can change from week to week, or even day to day. That is why our camp sessions are available in one week blocks, with options for 5, 4, 3, or 2 day schedules.

2018 Prices
5 Days—$221
4 Days—$203
3 Days—$192
2 Days—$170

You can reserve camp weeks by registering online now with a $5 per week non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance for each camp week is due the Friday before the start of the camp week. The balance will be automatically charged to the card/account you provide during online registration checkout.

Contact us at youngsetclub@cdicdc.org or 916-524-5595 for questions about our second summer in El Dorado Hills!

El Dorado Hills
  • The ultimate summer camp favorite, bring your bathing suits and towels, and get ready for fun filled days of “H2O-tunities”. During Camp H2O, we’re taking STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) to the next fun level by spending the week engaged in water play, water art and water sciences every day. Campers will also learn the importance of being water consciences by planning and participating in games and activities that are water friendly to the camp environment.

  • Makers ready? During Junkyard Wars week, campers will be presented daily challenges to build machines and structures that can resist or withstand various elements. Working in maker teams, each challenge presents the opportunity for campers to work through a design from brainstorming, to building, to testing. Each challenge presents the opportunity problem solving, decision-making, and self-confidence. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment after completing a challenge.

  • Time to move your body and find your flow. Movin’ & Groovin’ week is all about fitness activities that energize the heart, body, and mind, and learning about healthy nutrition. Camper friendly yoga, dance, obstacle courses, and cooking projects are just a few of the weekly activities that provide the opportunity for campers to learn that a healthy lifestyle is all about taking care of the whole body. Special guest fitness and nutrition instructors may be invited this week to lead a workshop tailored just for campers.

  • Get out the measuring spoons and graduated cylinders, because it is time to explore the connection between science, math, and food at the YSC Food Lab. During this week, campers will learn basic cooking preparation techniques and explore different culinary dishes, while they discover the importance of measurement, temperature, and having an adventurous appetite. Our YSC Food Lab provides a great mix between kitchen time, testing food experiments, socializing with new friends, and of course, eating!  

  • Wallets, furniture, clothing? Each day is an opportunity for campers to practice their skills in the craft making process by measuring and cutting materials to create various projects using only duct tape. Campers can either pick their favorite items and cover them in fun duct tape colors or get very technical and use our curriculum to create their own purses, wallets, flowers, and more. During Duct Tape Treasures week, we will provide a variety of awesome colors and patterns of duct tape to answer the question, what can’t be made out of Duct Tape?

    *Camp is closed on Wednesday, July 4th – no camp.

  • Time to stretch and sculpt your creativity and craftsmanship. Sculpture is all about learning from mistakes, making modifications, and creating something out of the unexpected. During our Sculpt Academy, campers will have the opportunity to use an enormous variety of media, including clay, wax, metal, fabric, wood, plaster, and random “found” objects to create original art pieces that reflect the journey of their imagination and resourcefulness.

  • Who says board games have to be two dimensional? Life Size Board Games week provides the opportunity for campers to be active every day of the week as they super-size their favorite board games into the fourth dimension! From Guess Who to Foosball, each day is an opportunity for campers to practice strategy, decision making skills, teamwork abilities, and good old fashion fun.

  • Dust for fingerprints, search for DNA, decipher clues and put all your science, technology, math, and engineering skills to the test to solve our daily mysteries. Our camper detectives will have opportunities to use their own intuition and imagination and learn scientific principles of deduction to figure out…who’s done it? Special note: Daily “mysteries” do not involve violence. Instead, campers will be trying to solve cases of missing mascots or special camp items.

  • Step right up! Joins us as we close out the summer carnival style! Groups will design their very own booth and take part in Carnival Extravaganza on Thursday afternoon. All parents and family members are invited to celebrate this amazing event.

El Dorado Hills
El Dorado Hills
Cassandra Brumfield

Camp Manager
Cassandra Brumfield
Camp Manager

YSC El Dorado Hills
1060 Suncast Lane
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762